Who is the Real Michael Alan Turner? What Does HarvestSEO Do?

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It is considered the mature thing to ignore a bully and not descend to his level by retaliating, or even give him the time of day. However, you cannot continue to turn a blind eye when a consummate bully is already threatening not just your livelihood but also your personal safety.

It is for that reason that this article reveals the true character of one Michael Alan Turner. These are the facts about the malicious activities he does, especially through his company HarvestSEO.

He is an American expat with two felony charges under his belt while still in the US, Michael Alan Turner moved to the Philippines where he associated with murder suspects and an alleged car smuggler (with whom he had a shooting altercation after he neglected to pay this "pal" for a motorcycle he bought), and faced charges for grave threat, robbery, robbery with violence, libel, and unjust vexation, among others.

Turner arrived in the Philippines in 2003 and soon after founded HarvestSEO Computer Services with business partner Marisyl Castillon. In two years' time though, the partnership went down the drain and Castillon filed several cases against Turner, including Grave Threat and Concealing Deadly Weapons.

After that business went down, Turner set his eyes on Sticky Media Solutions, Inc. (SMSI) in 2006. He proposed a partnership wherein SMSI will take care of the manpower and providing SEO services for the HarvestSEO clients he brought in. He did not bring in money to the jointure's coffers, save for the advance payments he persuaded the clients to give.

This arrangement would go on for five years. In all those years though, employees endured delayed salaries because Turner often pilfered from the account where clients forwarded payments. As the owner of that account, he would turn over partial amounts to the company at irregular times. He also firmly--and wrongly--believed that he's an SMSI major shareholder. With such disgusting business attitude, the board of directors opted to be free of turner and began negotiations for a complete turnover of SMSI workforce to HarvestSEO. However, Turner's turned aggressive. Without informing or securing the board's permission, he had all the locks in the office building changed and hired a security team that breathed down the necks of every employee. This hostile takeover ended the negotiations in July 2011.

Due to the debts accrued thanks to Michael Turner, SMSI employees found themselves suddenly unemployed when the company was dissolved.

The former board members of SMSI eventually gathered together again and built a new company named MEARA Interactive. Since they were already legally released from their contracts because of the company dissolution, many previous employees joined the new company. Everyone looked forward to working in harmony together without the nuisance that is Michael Turner.

To everyone's dismay, Michael Turner pursued and harassed the employees and board members of MEARAI, saying he will only stop if the new company will consent to his absurd demands. One of them is that he receive a percentage of the new company's revenue (an unjust demand since he's not even affiliated with the company).

Turner is now using his company to make him seem like the victim in all these legal matters. He is also tainting the name of MEARAI and one of its clients, Geary Group, online through the continued operations of HarvestSEO.

The public is advised to be analytical of the negative comments and reviews they find on SEO forums, blogs and websites; and to be especially skeptical if the commenters/posters only became active since July 2011 or the last month.

Reserve your trust to honest people who deserve it. Please don't be swayed by the words of an individual whose behavior, choice of companions and business track record are swamped with controversy, legal cases, and shows no sign of moral enlightenment.

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